girlie tomboy. ♥

yesterday i spent the day at my parents house in my coziest new "vintage straight" jeans that i picked up this week. i was never open to loose fitting jeans, but i sort of love them. we started to stuff my wedding envelopes, and figure out more details for the bridal shower coming up! matt and i spent time with my brothers, had family dinner and had the honor of driving (and for me walking too!) past all of my moms favorite houses in her neighborhood. lol. the things we do on days off.. i also tried this delicious all natural pumpkin smoothie at this yummy place near my parents house called juicetaria. if you're ever in boca raton florida, it is a must!

i'm off to the beach for the afternoon, happy saturday! xo!

blouse: sheinside
pants: j.crew
hat: Pepaloves
shoes: j.crew
bag: Pepaloves