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an extra wedding touch!

i want to add as many special touches to our big day as i can, but i also don't want to overwhelm myself. when i saw these cute little diy pillows, i knew i had to make a bunch to add on the chairs at the reception! they are such a special touch, and i love that my guests will feel the love i put into them when they are sitting down. i went to Michael's and purchased a bunch of cute fabrics in the color scheme of my wedding, and started to sew! they are so easy to make, and can even be used as home decor without spending a ton of money. i made one with an "M" and one with an "S" for matt and i's seats. :) 

step 1: cut out two squares of the exact same size
step 2: turn the squares inside out, so the patterns face eachother
step 3: sew up 3 1/5 sides, leaving space to add in the stuffing
step 4: turn the pillow from inside out to the right side out, and start stuffing!
step 5: sew up the little hole, and you're done! 


  1. What an adorable idea! I can't wait to see the M and S pillows.

  2. These pictures are awesome! What an great idea!

  3. this is so cute <3
    your wedding will be so perfect :)

  4. I love crafting my own things, it makes your home (or wedding in this case!) feel so much more special and personal to you. You appreciate things you have made so much more than things you have bought in a shop! These cushions are really cute, and I love the colour scheme for your wedding, really autumnal!

  5. sewing is such amazing skill :) <3


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