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wedding planning: the realization!

i am trying to post a wedding update each week, but to be honest there are some weeks where planning slows down for us. i've realized that these "slow weeks" are a huge and important part of the planning process-- they are the part of the process where i have time to let it all sink in, and deeply think about what marriage means. it is on these weeks that i feel the most gratitude and excitement that all of this planning ends in matt being my husband, which is the best gift that life has given me yet.

this time being engaged has truly changed me and the way i think and see my own relationship. it's helped me to not take it for granted at all, and also to really let it sink in that this incredible, unique, amazing person has picked ME, yes ME to spend his entire life with him. it's so easy to get caught up in the flowers and the cake and the dress and the gift bags and all of the little details that really do make the guests happy at the party, and in all of these intricacies to lose site of the true joys of the engagement period. this time is the time where i see matt in a totally different light. i begin to see him in his entirety, i picture him at different stages of life, i see him as the father of our future kids, and i see him as the motivated beautiful person that he is. i love these weeks of non-planning, because they are weeks of "matt-ing" where we can stop talking about the wedding plans and start talking about the life plans. and that's what matters in the end, right? 

did you all see these emotional changes during your engagement too? 

p.s. here's some photos from some pampering with my girlfriends today! we learned about a new skin care regimen! 


  1. Aw thats the sweetest thing I've ever read! That's so amazing, congrats!

  2. Congrats!! It is so important to remeber to look forward to your future life together and not just the wedding; because really that only lasts one day!! Lovely read :)

  3. Hi Steffy!
    What a beautiful post. It's awesome that you don't get caught up in the details of planning a magnificent wedding. It's all about your future husband and the life you'll create together!

    Ps. new post on my blog:

  4. This post is amazing <3 You inspire <3

  5. You look so happy! Enjoy this time during your engagement while it lasts.

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  7. Oh this post is so sweet Steffy! ENJOY everything.

  8. Congrats!! It is so important to remeber to look forward to your future life together and not just the wedding; because really that only lasts one day!! Lovely read :)
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  9. Hi Steffy!
    I like all your outfits and I fell in love more when I started reading your blog.:)
    Congrats on your wedding! :)

  10. I think your new take on your relationship is really beautiful. It's important not to get caught up in the frivolous little details of wedding planning and realize how much you love your husband-to-be!

    Xo, Hannah

  11. you have just inspired me to buy a tie :)


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