neverending summer.

life thoughts this morning are: 

♥ i am so excited to spend a day with my girlfriends today!
♥ it is almost october and my IG is starting to have pictures of pumpkin patches, but it is still 90 degrees here. i live in the wrong place. lol.
♥ i finished orange is the new black ALREADY. when is season 2 coming out? 
♥ playing my friend matt's song on repeat, excited my friends are talented. (his EP is here!) 
♥ wishing i could invent some other wardrobe staple other than a dress, a skirt or pants. do you ever just get bored with traditional clothing?
♥ last night i started buying my wedding gifts. i can't wait to put together cute goodie bags for my bridesmaids, and i got my mom a really nice gift :) (mom i will never tell haha)
♥ life is so wonderful

happy thursday you guysssssss. thank you for reading always!

blouse: vintage
shoes: vintage
dress: F21
hat: vintage