easy dressing on lincoln rd.

happy almost monday from my little cozy bed in south beach, florida. i'm quite sleepy, but wanted to update the blog since it has been a minute! i had saturday off, and threw on this easy outfit to go read mags and drink tea on lincoln rd. i've been wearing my hair up in milkmaid braids and parting it in the center--- just to change it up! lately i've been craving comfortable outfits that are carefree... i think i'm in a phase :)

i've also decided not to drink coffee! it has been 4 days! i am still sort of tired and feeling withdrawal, but i feel so much more hydrated! you know, new seasons and LOTS of change! i love change. i can't wait to wake up and change the store around at work. (lol). these are my thoughts before bed. i know, im slightly crazy. goodnight!!

tee: thrifted
overalls: Forever 21
satchel: modcloth
sunnies: ZeroUv
shoes: zara