a wedding planning family roadtrip!

this past weekend i made the 4 hour trek to the city i am getting married in with my future in-laws, my parents and my maid of honor (matt had to work :( ). when you choose to get married a few hours away, you have to stack every possible wedding appointment into the same day--- and that's exactly what we did! we didn't even get to eat until 6PM on saturday!

first we met with our florist, and it was fairly easy! it's lovely working with people who know exactly what they are doing. i was really nervous and didn't know what to expect going into this appointment, but she just asked me to show her pictures of what i wanted, and then went through the entire wedding, from the people to the tables, and we figured out where we needed flowers. the only point we got stuck on was the table decorations, because we haven't thought about our seating chart yet. we would ideally love to do feasting tables, but will probably only have 1 for the bridal party, with the rest as rounders.

then we met with the cake baker. MY FAVORITE!!! I decided ahead of time that i want an elaborate sweets table, so this will be the most fun part. i am diying some of the table, using this inspiration image, and then using her delicious treats in it also! we tasted some flavors, and i think we are going to make each layer of the cake a different flavor. the three flavors in the running right now are red velvet, chocolate mocha and peanut butter! thoughts??

after showing my parents the venue we picked (they hadn't seen it yet!) we went to the hotel we are going to be staying at. it is stunning, and it's really exciting picturing every person i love and care about being there all at once. it's actually overwhelmingly exciting! !!!!!!

my takeaways are:
- wedding planning is fun but SO unnecessarily tedious. ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING NO MATTER WHAT. i am glad i know this! or i could go insane!

- i really just want the day to come already because it's going to be the best day ever!

how did you feel through your planning process? share thoughts! it's so fun reading your stories!

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