a day of thrifting.

some weeks, like this one, i work on the weekends and have 2 random weekdays off. i used to mind, but now i kind of like having peaceful days off where the thrift stores are empty, and i can run errands without lines :) plus, matt's schedule is always random and sometimes we get weekdays off together! like this tuesday! we spent the day thrifting and cooking, it was awesome.

i've been wearing a lot of peach lately, so here's a peachy outfit! it definitely isn't quite fall, but i am rushing it because in all honesty i am unhappy in florida, and a gal can dream can't she? sometimes i feel content with florida because south beach is amazing, but i continue to dream about moving back up north. my goal is to be in ny in 2 years :) one day i will truly get to feel fall once again. til' then, i will be here dreaming of cozy sweaters and tea!

sweater: sheinside
shorts: pepaloves
bag/shoes: vintage
hat: Forever21