wedding updates!

our wedding is getting closer (only 6 months, can you believe it!?) and i thought i would start to share weekly updates for anyone else who is planning a wedding out there. PLUS, i need your help. i've never planned a party this important before, so it will be fun to hear your feedback and advice about planning your own weddings! i got the idea from mara, as i loved following her planning process. To start, i found a dress and shoes! it was actually not the most fun process to me, because i knew exactly what i wanted and felt like it was hard to find. all the dresses are so puffy and overstated, so i was glad to find one more simple. i am going to keep it a secret until the big day :) .

we also booked our venue, and will be getting married in an antique barn. we've taken care of all the big bookings such as caterers, DJ, etc, and now we are moving on to the detailing (the hard part for me!) next weekend matt, my parents, his parents and i are going to meet with the cake baker and the florist, so today i wanted to share some of my inspiration. how did you choose the flowers at your wedding? is there anything i should bring in preparation for the appointment! fill me in, ladies!