summer braids.

we just took a lovely sunset walk around the beach with our weenie. it has still been so hot, and we really only enjoy walking around in the evening. the bright side is that it's mid-august, and by october/november it will be a few degrees cooler! in florida we don't look forward to "the fall," we more-so look forward to being able to spend more than 5 minutes outside without our entire back drenched in sweat. romantic, isn't it? i'm actually really just counting down the days until i get to marry my best friend. we're down to 182! :)

i've jumped on the overalls bandwagon, although i already got my toes wet last summer with some vintage ones. i am a picky overalls wear-er, and definitely know they can be oh so right, or oh so wrong. i fell in love with this floral pair, though. you only really need ONE good pair, so here's mine!

blouse: thrifted
overalls: motel rocks
bag: for sale in my store
shoes: free people
sunnies: zero UV
hair tie: vintage