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slow sparkly mornings. ♥

around this time of the year, i always miss the feeling of going "back to school." there is something so fresh and exciting about buying new notebooks and pens and knowing they will soon be filled with new ideas, thoughts and theories. maybe i'm a sap, but i still try to keep the magic of learning alive in my life. since i was a little girl i've kept a journal in my bedside drawer, and i still fill it with thoughts and inspirations. matt has also taught me how important it is to always be reading something. can't let my mind get rusty :)

my mom and i would always go to the mall before my first day of school to get new clothes for the next year. i vividly remember the summer before 7th grade when we went to pacsun and i picked out all of my favorite paul frank tees with the cute monkey on it! i even had the PJ's to match them. on mornings like this one when i read and take my time getting ready for work, it makes me feel a little closer to my school days :)

blouse: unsure!
pants: c/o sheinside
shoes: j.crew
pink princess fragrance: c/o vera wang


  1. Love those heels! Very fun post.

  2. ah i seriously cannot wait for school! my mornings are a little more chaotic, but i still miss it!!


  3. so os cute babe! x

  4. The sparkly shoes are so cute! I love your bedroom too!

  5. you look so cute! great shots!

  6. Awwwww I love what you wrote inside the notebook! You and your fiance are too sweet xx

  7. I think I miss is more this year than last. I actually felt nostalgic when back to school commercials started airing, I realized I wont hit another back to school sale until I have children AND their old enough for school! jeez thats like 20 years haha

  8. those pants and heels are great. love the mix of photos here.

  9. I love this post! I miss you my little Steffy-poo!

    The Fashion Lush

  10. Such a heartfelt post. Love it! I remember my love for Paul Frank too . Crazy! I'm excited to be starting college in a couple of weeks. - Love your pants


  11. I love those spangly shoes! They are so beautiful. And I feel nostalgic during back-to-school times, too. I still want to buy nice new notebooks and four-color pens!

  12. Those shoes!

    xo Jennifer

  13. Love this post! I'm all about writing in a journal/notebook :) Fabulous perfume bottle! And I can relate to buying all those Paul Frank shirts, I used to have so many as well haha.

  14. Love your jeans and heels!

    Xo, Hannah


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