my simple and beautiful mornings.

i have been thinking a lot lately about life's beauty. i attribute these thoughts to my job, which is based around making clothing look beautiful. this goal of constant beauty has slowly trickled into every aspect of my life, and i'm realizing that i enjoy creating a picturesque world for myself. i sometimes feel like i see my own life through a lens constantly, and have to wonder if many photographers think or feel the same way. or i wonder if it is my own heightened senses and ever-presence that creates my awareness for little details that are normal, yet oh so beautiful.

sometimes, when i see two colors next to each other, my heart beats a little faster. other times, i look at something as plain as my own fridge, and it makes my insides glow with happiness. there is just so much beauty everywhere, it really makes it easy to be alive and to feel alive. i wanted to capture how i felt this morning, so here's some photos :)