matt's camera gear & advice on buying a vintage camera!

1. Minolta Hi-Matic E: Bought this on etsy for $27. It's my go-to lightweight shooter. Its a 70s era rangefinder.

2. Yashica Electro 35 GS: Got this on ebay for $50 plus the cost of a battery adapter. It's currently broken but i plan to get another one because it took some of my best, sharpest, and most memorable photos. They sell on ebay for between $70-100 for a working one. 

3. Canon A2E: This is a canon film SLR from the 80s that takes EF lenses so all of my regular lenses will work with it. It cost $45. If you can use a canon DSLR, you can use this since all the options are basically the same.

4. Film: I think all three of these rolls were tri-x 400. That has been my standard black and white film, along with ilford HP5 (since its buy 2 get 1 free on B&H). For color i usually shoot portra 160. 

5. Memory Cards: This is my $5 memory card wallet that i use to keep my cards organized when i shoot video. 

6. Filters: My set of 77mm ND3, 6, 9, and circular polarizer. These come in handy when shooting video because they adjust the lighting since the shutter speed has to stay at 1/50.

7. gopro hero 2: I love my gopro! I use it for surfing mainly, but not exclusively. 

8. Canon 70-200mm f/4: My surfing lens. I got it used for $550. It's great for outdoor action when you don't need image stabilization or the faster (much more expensive) 2.8 version. 

9. Canon 1.4x extender: Can be used on several canon telephoto lenses, works great when i need a little more reach out of my 200mm. 

10. Not pictured: Canon 7d, Canon 17-40mm: The 7d is my workhorse and me and steffy love it dearly. Its been with us for over 3 years. 

Tips on buying your own vintage camera: 

now go buy yourself a camera and some film and get shooting! you won't regret it. i wont bore you guys with the standard "why i shoot film" mantras (it makes you think more! it makes you take your time! its like christmas every time you get your pictures back!), just go spend the $40 or $50 and be amazed with the results. 

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