a sunday kind of love.

internet, meet one of my oldest friends courtney! she lives in LA, but was visiting this past weekend. she probably knows me better than anyone else in the world (except my other best friend lacey), and it was lovely being able to go to brunch and share old stories & a few new ones. whenever i see old friends, it just reminds me how the most important thing in life [to me] are the amazing people that i've met along the way. the next time i get to see her is my wedding weekend, which is CRAZY. she's a bridesmaid. thank you so much for all of your flower suggestions. it really is SO fun connecting with your experiences, and feeling like i am not alone in this process! i am so excited to keep sharing more information about the wedding and getting your feedback!

i wore this cute skater skirt with a vintage top and shoes. i've been really missing wearing vintage these days, and am going to thrift some new cute things this week =D this is the longest i've gone without thrifting in a while. i feel so mass-produced. lol.

blouse: vintage - for sale in my store
skirt: romwe
shoes: vintage
sunnies: zeroUV
bag: forever21