a farmer's market adventure!

here we are venturing into the coconut grove farmer's market, where you can walk in with endless possibilities and walk out with an empty wallet. there's just so much yummy food to buy, it's unbelievable. i love how it all looks so colorful and fresh too :)

i've been saving this dress for the day i actually go on a hot air balloon ride (it will be soon), but i just couldn't save it anymore. it's oh so cute, and one of my very favorite (and only) dresses. i don't love dresses too much, i'm more a skirt or shorts kind of gal, but hot air balloons can melt anyones heart. as of late i have gone back to my old insomniac ways, so i am off to spend a few more hours trying to fall asleep. have a lovely and hopefully sleep filled night. xo

dress: sheinside
shoes: j.crew
bag: for sale in my store
bow: little somethings