summertime stripes.

happppy wednesday! it's my day off, but boy do i have a list of things to get done... all fun things of course! even though i don't work til' 9 or 10 on my new schedule, i still can't kick the habit of waking up really early. i guess it's okay though, because mornings are fun!

i wore this to grab coff with matt and claude at our home base starbucks. i know it's silly to get coffee out of the house since we have a coffee maker, but it still feels "special" to go out on a coffee date and walk around. it has been extra rainy, but i love the calm after the storm. i've been trickling pops of fall colors into my outfits, but only because i REALLY can't wait for fall. :) pumpkin spice latte season is only a blink away!

blouse: thrifted
skirt: F21
bag: vintage coach
sunnies: c/o Zero UV
bass weejuns: c/o Bass