hello from martha's vineyard!

hello from marthas vineyard :) ! i've been coming here since i'm a little girl-- and my parents got this house in 2005, so it's become a life routine to be here every summer. it's amazing how much more i appreciate the vacation as i get older and have less time to get away & less time to be with my family. our house is adorable and rustic, with wooden floors, painted yellow walls and board games to play. it's the BEST getaway, and this time it's extra special because we get to 'talk wedding' with my parents--- which is more exciting than i could have dreamed of. my dad and i talked about what "our song" for our dance would be. i mean wow. i couldn't even imagine i'd be having that conversation now at this time last week.  

it really is such a special time. i'm going to hold onto it forever! i wore this outfit on our flight here + today. i wore it ONLY because i know my dad loves the Beatles and would think my shirt was cool. haha! okay, have a great night. i love you all. your comments on my last post meant so much to me. ♥

knit cardi: vintage
tee: c/o Forever 21
hat: vintage
sunnies: c/o LuLu*s
boots: vintage

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