sundaes on sunday.

life is all about changing and growing, and in the past few months i think i've grown more than in years. i went through a large chunk of my days in a dark place the past few months (if we're going to be honest). i wouldn't say i was depressed, because i am a very positive individual, but i was lost. i felt stuck. i felt like a lot of facebook friends and instagram friends and actual friends were moving forward and here i was just the same old me, posting outfit photos on my blog and living in a place i didn't really want to be. i listened to endless advice from tons of different mouths, and they all clouded my head and made things clearer and less clear and left me feeling even more lost. 

but then something changed. i started to clear my life of negativity, and i started to take more time to practice yoga, to cook and to spend time with the person who i had been neglecting most, myself. after trying to fix me, i realized a lot of other things became fixed too. for the first time in a while, i feel like i can smile and actually mean it. like i can look around and be happy with everything i have, because this is my life and it's comfortable and fulfilling and it's MINE. i wouldn't want to be anybody but me, and i wouldn't want my life any other way. i read this quote, and it helped me so much..

"The challenge, therefore, is to take pleasure in the atmosphere of growth, in the gradual process made toward a goal--- in the present." 
- Gretchen Ruben
❤ i love you guys. thank you for always being supportive.

blouse: thrifted
shirts: F21
bag: for sale in my store
hat: UO
shoes: c/o le bunny bleu
sunnies: c/o LuLu*s