rainy knee-high days ☂☂

florida spring/summer means rain, rain and rain. the pretty part about it is that there is sunshine in between the rain, which to me speaks volumes. it's metaphorical :) lots of days the rain frustrates me, especially since i walk everywhere, but sometimes i soak it up, put on my cosy knee-highs and stop caring about how frizzy my hair is going to get. 

i wore this to our post-rain picnic in the park. we ate takeout sushi and sat on a semi-damp picnic bench. i felt sort of quirky. these yellow/mustard ish shoes are my favorite ever bright oxfords, and i've been wearing them to work a lot to make my outfits feel more "me." they add such a lovely POP of color. ok byeee!

blouse: vintage
shorts: c/o zlz
socks: sock man on st. marks street
bag: vintage coach
hat: vintage
shoes: c/o choies