life is so beautiful, it almost seems real.

oh life, it is ever so complicated and oh so beautiful. i've been trying to find my balance of happiness lately, which is a constant battle (for most of us i think). I saw this movie called carmina o revienta the other day, and just loved the quote "life is so beautiful it almost seems real." it's funny, because my friend who i saw it with remembered the quote too. even in the thick of it, there's moments when you look around and the world seems to sparkle a little bit. those moments change everything. 

i wore this to matt's moms birthday dinner. a yummy meal, indeed! it's hard for me to get fancy, but here is my greatest attempt :) i am going to sleep now, even though it is still light outside because this week my alarm is set to 5am for most days! g'night!

blouse: romwe
skirt: c/o oasap
shoes: vintage
bag: for sale in my store