crop tops on saturdays.

my childhood ended and my adult life began when every day began to melt into one. summer break disappeared, weekends became rare and i can distinctly remember writing down "june" as the month a few days back and realizing i hardly remember the days passing by at all. the amazing part is that i haven't minded all of the saturdays spent steaming and playing with clothes. when a saturday like today occurs, and i am in bed snuggled up with my pup until 10AM, i almost miss waking up, drinking a coffee and heading out into the day with a purpose. that's not to say i don't enjoy the days off wandering south beach, but i feel so lucky in this moment that work is not even close to a burden to me. 

with that being said, i have this entire weekend off. an ENTIRE weekend. phew! unfortunately matt was not as lucky. ha. i'm going to go for a run and read a book in the park. ❤ happy saturday.

blouse: vintage & cut-off by me
skirt: F21
bag: c/o romwe
shoes: c/o F21
hat: vintage