southwestern casual.

hello hello! here's a very casual, very real post from a really tired version of myself :) it's been one of those work weeks that makes me a grumpy human being, but sometimes overworking is a whole new fun, too. i wore this to work today, we went in at 6AM to get ready for rollout tomorrow morning! 

i snagged this chambray shirt on sale this week and i'm not going to lie, i wore it maybe three times already. for some reason, southwestern/ bohemian style has been catching my attention this spring. or maybe these boots just inspired me. i am kind of in love with them. they remind me of this painting my aunt elisa worked on for an entire summer when i was younger and living with her. they also remind me of her decorating style. maybe i just miss her (i miss you auntie e!) okay... have a great monday! i love you guys.

p.s. we took these only like an hour ago when we walked claude. lol. i always love sharing photos from day-of.

blouse: j.crew (on sale!)
pants: j.crew-- pixie pants
sweater: vintage
scarf: vintage
boots: c/o sam edelman