more mint please.

some of my best days are days hanging around town with my friend zak the baker. one of the hardest parts of moving to miami 2 1/2 years ago for me was meeting people i connect with. zak is definitely one of those. he started his bread company from a garage in his old home, and now sells his bread at restaurants all over miami. how's that for passion? i love people who love their craft, and he sure does. he even has little goats at his house (he lives on a farm) to make goats milk. the baby i am holding is francesca! his house is also a vintage lovers heaven... decorated with old photos, dusty books, and amazing wood pieces all over.

we went to wynwood for some coff, and i of course wore tons of mint! i love this breezy polka dotted top, and mint shoes can't ever get old. have a lovely wednesday :) thank you so much for reading my blog. xo

p.s. we added some cute new vintage into my store yesterday! 

blouse: vintage
shorts: h & m
necklace: gift from matt
shoes: c/o le bunny bleu
sunnies: vintage