lemon zest.

you caught me! my hair is blonde now :) these were a bit old, since matt went away to mexico for a few weeks. i gotta tell ya, you really don't realize how much your life partner is your best friend until you can't pick up a phone and call em'. he is back safe and sound now. i'm a happy gal, and so is this blog! he takes all the best photos for me + you. we're so lucky (the blog and i both, lol! )

i have been getting all the wear i can out of my boots before it gets too hot for them. it almost already is. i spent this whole week working on getting the new product at work out on the floor. the next few weeks i have lots of days off so i am going to go back to adding vintage to my store! it has been seriously neglected these days. i moved some furniture around my house to try to find a better spot for product photos. anyway, there is my life. LOL. i hope yours is good too, or if not good at least not bad! have a great wednesday!


blouse: c/o chicwish
shorts: c/o pepa loves (last year)
hat + shoes: vintage
collar: lalamagic