hearts n' smoothies.

i know some of you requested to see miss claude because she hasn't been on the blog as much, so here she is ;) cute as ever! i have been so into smoothies ever since it got warmer outside, and this place juice n java near our house makes the best ones. but to save money i got this frozen fruit blend at the grocery store and i mix it with spinach, almond milk and banana and it is SO yummy. i hate the really hot weather, but i love feeling obligated to be healthy because of it! something about the heat just makes me crave fruits and smoothies!

one downside of the heat (in my eyes) is having to wear less clothes. i'm not one to show much skin, but in the florida heat us ladies don't have too much of a choice! i love loveeee these heart shorts, even though they're super short. they are my # 1 summer go-to, it's official. have a happy night! i'm going to be watching girls non-stop!

blouse: vintage
shorts: c/o choies
bag: F21
shoes: vintage