color coded.

in a world filled with a million and one color combinations, i keep coming back to this one. something about the primary colors all together is so kitschy and attractive. mustard yellow for life!

as i was snapping these photos on a walk with my guy, i bumped into my friends! *cheeks blush* in real life, i am definitely not the type of human who is "into" being in photos all the time (even though i am in them, and own up to doing it :) ) so whenever i run into people in the process i sort of cringe! lol. my friends looked awfully stylish so of course i had to snap some photos of them too! meet jess and alex. we are all in some shape of j.crew since we all work there. my pants are actually my favorite buy from j.crew, and i got them off the online sale! always such a plus! 

have a fine and dandy weekend. i'm off to work today, and tomorrow is a day for brunching xo!

blouse: c/o pepa loves (the winner of this top will be announced soon! enter here
jeans: j.crew
boots: j.crew
sunnies: c/o ZeroUV
hat: vintage
bag: romwe
bracelet: c/o boutique minimaliste