i'm just you, you're just me.

i kind of got over jack johnson after highschool, but i LOVE his newer song "people watching." the lyrics are so meaningful! 

"we're all as lonely as we wanted to be." the best line! lately i've really been trying to focus on keeping all of my thoughts positive. it makes such a change. don't you all prefer to be around happy people? i know I do. i love trying to be who i enjoy surrounding myself with, if that even makes sense.

i wore this for like 2 days straight. i snagged the skirt at urban outfitters, and ate up the gorgeous mint color. i've sold more than a few vintage skirts that look just like it, but honestly don't have the time to find them anymore :( it has been freezing here (by freezing i mean in the 50's) but for some reasons spring is in the air, and i am welcoming it with open arms :) happy day, happy night! xo

blouse: vintage
skirt: urban outfitters
bag: c/o choies
shoes: c/o wanted
sunnies: vintage