i was made for sunny days.

wearing primary colors is one of my favorite "almost spring" color combinations. i love incorporating mustard yellow into fall, winter and summer looks because aside from mint, it's my favorite color! i picked up this bow (from a selection of tons and TONS of other colored bows) at american apparel the other day and have worn it non-stop. i always feel like i need either a hat or a bow, and i love how feminine bows are! 

i've gotta get to sleep, my alarm is set for 5AM tomorrow mornin' for work! i can't wait to order my new coffee drink favorite, a soy misto! try it if you haven't yet and you're sleepy mid-day... it's half soy milk and half coffee! mmm! k have a good monday!

p.s. take 40% off my store for the next 3 days with the code "almostspring" *i am only shipping to the USA for now. 

blouse: vintage
skirt: UO
bag: c/o modcloth
shoes: j.crew
bow: American Apparrel