back to land, back to vintage!

it's true what they say, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. i am such a believer that things happen for a reason, and right when i was becoming comfortably complacent a job came along that took me away from my universe for a whole week. i didn't have a phone, i hardly had a computer and i didn't know a single sole. it was amazing. it made me appreciate everything so much more. i love my bed, i love my boyfriend and more than anything, i love miami empanadas and south beach sunset walks! it feels good to be home!

the first thing i grabbed is my favorite vintage dress and loafers. i brought some fun vintage with me on the cruise, but it was lovely to have a larger selection of items in my wardrobe :) i hope you all have a beautiful day and THANKS for reading!!!

dress: for sale in my store
loafers: vintage
necklace: F21
bag: rebecca minkoff