worlds collide.

i am falling asleep as i type this... but i guess my entire universe has turned into j.crew for the past week or so. sorry if i feel a bit missing from internet land. i've been helping merchandise the new merrick park j.crew store that is opening on wednesday, so my weekend consisted of unpacking and dressing almost 40 mannequins. let's just say i got TONS of outfit ideas AND inspiration to purchase some new clothes :) 

here's another work outfit :) i know not everyone works in fashion, but maybe my work outfits will inspire someone? i hope! i adore these funky looking shoes, and am on the hunt for many similar pairs that are easy to walk in like these! i wish you all the most fantastic sleep tonight, and a very happy monday. stay positive! 

bag: for sale in my store
blouse: j.crew
jeans: j.crew
shoes: c/o modcloth
hat: urban

p.s. here's some work photos! let me know if you like when i share them, i can share more sometimes!