planting lilacs and buttercups.

phew! here i am, i'm alive :) i feel like i have been sort of disconnected from the internet lately, but it is only because i work all the time and when i am not working i don't like to sit in front of the computer (i would usually rather sleep hehehe). this week we received tons of new adorable things at work, so i have been dressing mannequins and re-merchandising .. AND having tons of fun during. the biggest difference between working at home full-time on my store and working somewhere is that i get to be surrounded by people, which feels incredible. i've met some of the best people. i don't know how i ever worked from home all by my lonesome!

i am also leaving on sunday to work a freelance styling job on a cruise ship for an entire week! it will be more work than fun, but i cannot wait for the change in scenery... and the feeling of a vacation even though it really isn't. i guess i'm rambling on, and mostly about work but you know what? i am EXCITED about my work. i am so so thankful for that every day. 2013 has been kind of weird to me so far, but the best thing i've learned is that if you love your work, you're a step ahead. i am done rambling on. here's a pink + red look because lately all i want to do is add red into every outfit. claude girl is growing up, and now she is 9 LBS. I am so very glad you are all here to constantly support me on my journey through this beautiful life :)

blouse: for sale in my store
skirt: c/o chicwish
sunnies: c/o ZeroUV
tights: c/o tabbisocks
rings: c/o merrin & gussy