long beach, long island

here's a little place i like to call home. i have some of my oldest memories here, and it was sad to visit after hurricane sandy and see all of the damage. my very lovely aunt/ inspiration lives here, so its always a destination on my NY trips. the house above is my dream house. i took a polaroid of it when i was 15 and carried it around for years because i truly believed one day i would live there. maybe i will, you never know ;) 

this sweater was a gift from a close friend, shareen of vintage mavens. she just relaunched her ebay shop to sell beautiful 50's, 60's and 70's pieces, and in honor of the launch i ended up with an incredible scottie sweater. she's the best. i think i could only get away with this look in NY, so i jumped at the opportunity. there's something lovely about wearing an outfit full of beautiful color. i'm going to try to wear vibrant colors more often. 

sweater: c/o vintage mavens
trousers: vintage
coat: j.crew
shoes: c/o wanted shoes

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