velvet in january ♥

so my most recent fashion theory is that the world is getting edgier, and you know what... so am i! i am jumping on the bandwagon. i am not necessarily following along to be trendy (or maybe subliminally i am), i am just so sick of being cornered into feeling like my wardrobe has to consist solely of pinks and hearts and polka dots. to be honest, some days i like to wear big grungy black boots, an old levi's denim jacket and a slouchy beanie. but my favorite way to be grungy is to mix grunge with extra feminine pieces like this velvet skater skirt :) it feels amazing to have bare legs in mid-january! i think my legs became even more pale while in boston, if possible.

well, i hope you all have a lovely weekend. i'm taking a little road trip upcoast with matt :) xo!

blouse: for sale in my store
skirt: c/o chicwish
shoes: vintage
bag: c/o romwe