snow owl!

alas, here are the last photos from my trip to boston that already seems way too far away! boston did us a favor and snowed during our stay, and it felt like a winter wonderland (until my toes were frozen from walking around!) the city from our 7th floor hotel room blanketed in snow really was one of the prettiest sites i have seen in a long long time. also, freezing my butt off for 5 minutes to take these photos was definitely worth it, because now i can remember the feeling of prancing in the snow in an owl sweater for forever :) on the night of the snowfall matt and i ran into the courtyard and looked up and watched the snowflakes coming down from above. i felt like i was a little kid again. ❤

we almost made snow angels, but then decided it absolutely was not worth it to soak our coats. hehehe.

dress: for sale in my store
sweater: c/o romwe
socks: j.crew
bag: F21
shoes: c/o pink and pepper
coat: j. crew
leggings: modcloth
gloves: c/o 2020ave

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