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my special socks ♥

sometimes certain pieces hold a special little place in your heart and you feel instantly attached (and materialistic :) ) ... and that's exactly how i feel with these socks! matt's sister is living in patagonia on the other side of the world, and she sent these cute hand knit alpaca socks back with matt's parents just for me! i think they're the best gift i've gotten in a while because they feel so special. i keep wearing them, even though i want them to stay sparkling clean. when i was up north i really loved the socks under lace-up boots look that i saw all over, so i thought i'd bring it to the florida heat. it makes it possible to get away with wearing cute socks and boots, because i balanced it out with a revealing top to keep me cool in the sunshine! and boy was it sunny yesterday! it feels good to be back in the warmth, i can't complain..

maple ring: c/o puloma
bustier: vintage
skirt: F21
boots: vintage
hat: urban


  1. whao that's a pretty cool bustier.
    I never saw a bare back bustier before,
    great find! :)

    xoxo, Jules
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  2. Those socks are super adorable!! What a sweet gift. I love gifts that are special and are one of a kind. I love how you paired them with laced up boots. I'm totall jealous of your whole outfit...gah I want it to be summer!


  3. Those socks are just too cute!
    xo Cara

  4. yes, to lace and knee socks in Florida!! Ive been wearing mine like that too!! cute socks!!! :D

  5. Love how the hat, shirt and glasses work together (the socks too).

  6. Welcome back home! the socks are the cutest thing! the back back is awesome too. xx

  7. Love those socks and I'm so jealous of your sunny weather!

  8. Lovely socks Stefanie! I always love your looks!

  9. You have an amazing vintage style! Love this outfit!


  10. Steffy, this is a such a sweet post. I'm so glad the socks fit and that you enjoy them so much. They made me think of you for a reason! Muchos besos de Patagonia!
    Xo Dana

  11. I am freezing just looking at you lol

    xo Jennifer

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  13. I love the complete outfit, and the socks! beautiful!
    Patagonia in Argentina? I'm from Argentina! haha
    Following you now girl, lovely blog! x

  14. love your outfit!

    *Love, Raluca*

    *New post*

    *Facebook page*

  15. The socks look so cute! I love your rings as well!

  16. Your kitty cat ring is super sweet! <3 and such a cute story about the socks. I love it when clothing has a story - just another reason to love it more!

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  17. What a cute gift! They're perfect on you!


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