if you're a bird, i'm a bird too.

happy almost friday! it's 8 pm and i just ate a giant bowl (or 2) of cereal and i'm about to watch the office and fade away into dreamland. i worked for 11 hours today and i am BEAT. i love to work though, i am for sure a worker bee. 

i wore this for a little stroll in our neighborhood. sometimes it still feels surreal to me that ocean avenue is so close! i am still holding on to winter colors for as long as i can, even though all of the mall has spring clothes now. it's tough to keep up with the "fashion seasons" sometimes, isn't it? they're always so imaginary and far advanced. LOL. not like miami has any season except for one, anyway. i snatched these faux leather shorts at the bib and tuck clothing swap last week, and they're perfect. matt says fake leather [and real leather] are weird, but what do boys know anyway? :) k goodnight ya'llll! my alarm is set for 4am, and i am ready to beautify the aventura mall j.crew! hehe

blouse: for sale in my store
cardi: F21
shorts: swapped
bag: for sale in my store
shoes: c/o DV by Dolce Vita