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when i am shopping, there's two categories of things i purchase-- the things that i NEED and the things that i HAVE to have. this sweater falls into the second category. i unpacked it from the box the day we got it into the store, and eyed it for a week before i caved! i love that it is a fairisle with a little bit of extra flair, plus it has cats and birds on it! c'mon! i've been wearing it non-stop, along with these mustard pants that i snagged on super sale. this is a typical cozy work outfit :) 

can you believe christmas is in 4 days? i definitely can. i have been working so so hard, but i know i will miss the fast pace when i am relaxing in boston on my week vacation hehehe. stress is good. i actually really love to feel stressed. i hope you all have non-stressful weekends and enjoy your holiday bliss!

bag: for sale in my store
sweater: j.crew 
jeans: j.crew 
shoes: vintage