free spirited.


no matter where i live, my friend michael and i find places to wander to-- eating sweets and oohing and aahing at clothes along the way. now that i live on the beach it is even MORE fun, so we walked to the new h & m, anthropologie and some other cute local spots!

i threw on my coziest oversized sweater for the walk. it is still pretty warm during the day here, but it cools down as the sun sets, so i usually walk around prepared with a comfy cardigan! walking places puts me in the best mood, and i have been non-stop happy! have a lovely day! i'm off to work our rollout which means my alarm was set for 5 am. yup, when you wake up i'll have been at work for hours. the very early morning and i have grown to be really good friends =P

sweater: for sale in my store
blouse: j.crew
shorts: c/o chicwish
shoes: vintage
bag: c/o vj-style