every other sunday at the antique fair ❤

every other sunday on lincoln road, there is an amazing antique fair with an endless amount of booths lining the streets. many of them are overpriced, but that doesn't mean a gal can't browse and dream of owning multiple closets filled with furs, vintage dresses and polka dotted silk scarves. luckily there's old cameras too, so matt came along for the walk (and claude too!)

it's been in the 60's and 70's here all weekend, so i've been enjoying wearing tights, scarves and sweaters! i adore wearing plaid around the holidays, but wanted another option other than holiday colored plaid. i love opting for mustard and cobalt blue plaid instead! the kitty blouse is one of the quirkiest tops i own :) it's so lovely to be able to complete an outfit with a scarf, what a nice treat for me! i hope you all have a beautiful holiday tonight and tomorrow. ❤

skirt: for sale in my store
blouse: c/o sheinside
shoes: j. crew
bag: vintage
scarf: c/o 2020ave
glasses: c/o Benji Frank