polka dots and puppies.

meet claude pepper! we know claude is a mens name, but we decided on the name before someone informed us, so we're keeping it. she is 2 lbs and 9 weeks old, and possibly the cutest weenie dog in the entire world. it's been a whirlwind of a weekend, sort of feels like we just had a baby because she wimpers and keeps us up at night haha. she is such a bundle of joy though. it's so fun to be able to walk around south beach with her (minus the mobs of random people's hands who touch her as we walk by). it feels fake having this cute, clumsy, sweet little creature run around the house! i will make sure to show you pictures of her, i am sort of in overbearing mom phase right now.

i wore this yesterday for a walk on lincoln road, ending in a movie date! i feel like i abandoned polka dots, but i do still love them! have a happy monday!

blouse: in store soon (update by thursday, i promise!)
skirt: c/o romwe 
necklace: c/o vj-style
glasses/shoes: vintage
bag: F21

p.s.  you can get up to 70% off at Romwe from november 21-26!