baa baa black sheep.

it's monday, and this is my cozy weekend outfit that i wore ALL weekend. i've been living in this sweater, and all i want to wear for this holiday season are festive ties! this particular tie has little sheep all over it, and one of the sheep is black. it's too cute to be real.

we are moving in 2 days and the house is all packed up! today is our holiday rollout at work, so don't be surprised if adorable sweaters start popping up on here :) i am trying to get my holiday store listing up by the weekend, sorry for the delay! i just need to get settled and get my life sorted out first! i hope you all have a lovely monday!

p.s. yes, we are weird and took these in a cemetery. but it is the PRETTIEST cemetery by our house, and it is so peaceful. minus the crazy guy who was flicking off gravestones LOL

blouse: vintage, in my store soon!
bag: for sale in my store
ring: c/o VJ Style
sweater: j.crew (here)
tie: vintage
jeans: DL1961
boots: vintage
hat: urban outfitters