suzy bishop & sam shakusky.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! i hope everyone stayed safe in the hurricane. it's a post filled with mixed emotions, because many of my family members lost cars and had flooded houses from the storm. they are on my mind. i am very happy they are all okay, and thankful for that. also, yesterday i got a promotion at work! i cannot believe how much i like the company i work for. i love it, basically. 

matt and i planned this costume the second we walked out of seeing moonrise kingdom months ago. we both adored the movie (as we do all wes anderson films) and started to collect the pieces we needed. i don't think we can ever top this one.

on saturday night we headed out to moonfest on clematis street in downtown west palm beach with some friends in costume. we're also going to be wearing them again tonight! you can never go wrong dressing up twice. have a lovely and SPOOKY evening!

dress: for sale in my store
shoes: c/o wanted
binoculars/ basket: vintage