my favorite fall dress ❤

hi hi hi! writing this at midnight after work because HEY my time has been limited these days! pulling off a "clopen"today ... a close to open. i love working non-stop, it feels so good. making up for lost time with matt tonight on a fun little date night, and there's my life in a nut shell.

these are from orlando, wearing my FAVORITE favorite dress. i am usually a sucker for cutesy collared dresses, but this one just grabbed me. i think it is the beautiful fall floral pattern on it. how cute is my friend alex? she took the photos for me :) have a perfect weekend, i am working both saturday and sunday, but it's okay because all of the people i work with are really fun.

p.s. thoughts on the new layout? there's still some kinks!
p.p.s. i added 40 items to my store!

dress: for sale in my store
necklace: modcloth
boots: vintage
hat: vintage