halloween heart.

i just have so many feelings right now i couldn't possibly get them all out! i will try!

ok ok so i am really ecstatic halloween is 2 weeks away but also, where did october go? and september, and august and all of this year? time is just zoooooming by. i am already starting to collect darling christmas/holiday/new years dresses for my store!

also, since i am on the topic of my store, it really allows me to fully indulge in my love for holidays. i have been spraying pumpkin scent on all of my orders and using halloween packaging. i have always lived for holidays, and now i get to continue to. it's sort of amazing.

i worked almost all of the weekend, and i have definitely been overextending myself in every direction but i am past wallowing about it and on the part where i just enjoy it. everyone works, and HEY maybe my hours are sort of skewed and long, but at least i get to do what i love. plus i've been trying to play extra amounts too. i went out for four nights straight (wednesday-saturday). what am i 21 again? :)

collared blouse: for sale in my store
bag: for sale in my store
heart blouse: c/o 2020ave
jeans: forever 21
shoes: asos