coffees & cable knit cardigans.

hello fellow fashion lovers :) i wore this to work the other day even though i felt it may be too "vintage" for j.crew's taste. i absolutely adore the festive pattern of the skirt, and the cobalt blue sweater makes every outfit more "fall." i was giggling with a customer yesterday over whether or not fall colors and fall "fashion rules" apply to us here in florida. it really is laughable, but i find myself wearing fall colors and burning fall scented candles even though it is virtually still summer here. hopefully by december we get to feel some or ANY change in weather.

life's been sort of hectic over here lately. i don't like to get into all the intimate details on here, but we may have to move again due to some issues with our downstairs neighbor. i really love my apartment now, and the last thing i want to do is say byebye to it. the reality of the situation is that i AM going to have to move, so i'm just coming to terms with it all. the only upside is that matt's urge to own a dachshund increases every day, so maybe with a new home a new little pet will come too! it's so cute, he always tells me about the cute dachshunds he sees every day, and let me tell ya-- he sees more each day than i see in a month. maybe it is meant to be!?

btw, tons of new vintage is being added to the store today :)

blouse: for sale in my store
skirt: for sale in my store
cardi: for sale in my store
bag: forever 21
shoes: vintage