there were bells on a hill, but i never heard them ringing.

these amaaazing polka dotted pants came in the mail from motel rocks yesterday, and i immediately put them on. i swear i've never loved pants even close to as much. They are perfectly high waisted and stretchy enough to be cozy. it's been getting down to the 70s at night (i know, "SO COLD") but i am a big baby and always wear fall clothes anyway because the supermarket/ restaurants are always cold inside.

it has been sort of an odd week of a lot of free time where school used to be. work hasn't needed me much, and i apparently have taken to cooking! this week i baked pumpkin pie, parmesan chicken and chicken sliders! i also did the laundry, which doesn't happen too often. can you tell i disdain free time? anyone have a hobby that doesn't cost money? maybe i will start to knit again... lol

blouse: for sale in my store
dotted skinnies: c/o motel rocks
bag: c/o oasap
shoes: vintage