the world is on your side.

just a few snapshots of a day spent with my guy in the place i want to live the most, long beach NY. boardwalk + diner + the leaves changing colors. (!!!)

i got this french hen sweater from work ( also got the socks to match) and wore it for a few days straight. it is just so cozy and provides the perfect amount of warmth for an 'almost fall' day. i decided that jewel toned colors are my new favorite. especially cobalt blue and mustard yellow. i'm back in miami and am having major new york withdrawals. i am sorry world, but there is just nowhere as good as nyc (in my opinion). i am really trying to enjoy miami and enjoy the place that i'm at right now[in life], but i will dream of living in nyc til' the day i am back. i just keep one thing in mind.. "the world is on my side :) " i know one day all of my dreams will come true.

p.s. added bundles to my store last night

blue blouse: for sale in my store
sweater: j.crew (here)
skirt: forever 21
boots/hat/sunnies: vintage
bag: forever 21

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