she would never say where she came from.

wearing a cute little animal printed collar so I figured i would boast about my favvvorite animal friend. i call her "building kitty" because she lives around my building. she even lets me pet her, and i sneak her food sometimes :)

i've been working 9 hour days + extra on my store stuff so i am one tired girl over here. til' midnight last night i didn't talk to matt for 2 days because he is off the grid somewhere in nicaragua and i have to admit, being apart from someone important really does make you realize HOW important they are. okay, i admit it, i am lonely :( but it's okay to be lonely sometimes and to admit it. i am off to work labor day and hopefully sell lots of cute hen sweaters. have a great day!

shorts: for sale in my store
blouse: c/o lala magic
bag: c/o sway chic
shoes: forever 21
sunnies: vintage