just plain simple ❤

this weekend we did one of our favorite things ever, we got in the car and drove. matt surfed, i thrifted, and we were both just happy. there's nothing better than being on the road, singing out loud to tunes and finding reeeeeally weird thrift stores in small towns that bring the prettiest vintage in the world into my arms.

i wore this comfortable outfit for the car ride. every gal should own a comfy striped tee! i found THESE boots this week, and get used to them because they're my new favorites. i love how fitted they are around the ankle! i don't know what it is, but all i've been wanting to wear lately is brown, deep red and black. weird! anyone else craving dark colors?

collared blouse: for sale in my store
tee: for sale in my store
vintage coach bag: for sale in my store
shorts: urban
boots/hat/sunnies: vintage