vintage miami brights. (miami swim week-- day 3)

i really gave myself a pat on the back for being brave enough to wear bright macaroni and cheese orange trousers to swim week :) my friend michael helped me style this look, and i absolutely adored it. PLUS it was 100 % vintage. my favorite.

i attended bloggers night out with tons of lovely ladies, and then headed to some incredible shows. I absolutely adored all of the swimsuits designed by Nicolita. The show began with the adorable sailor gal and her man walking down the runway, followed by dozens of cute pin-up girl inspired looks. all of the models sported curled back bangs and exaggerated eyelashes. my heart melted. ❤

bustier: for sale in my store
trousers: vintage
shoes: for sale in my store
bag: for sale in my store

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