an invitation into my universe ☆

hello :) i invite you to take a peek into my world... also know as AI Miami, the place i go to school for fashion merchandising! I always wanted to share my school, but always lived so far. now i can walk there! matt and i walked over on saturday to take pictures for my portfolio of my latest project, a window display! our theme was "Rebel: Cheetah" which was really difficult for me since i hardly wear animal print. We ended up getting a 97% on it, which made me really happy. it was hands-down the most fun school project i've ever worked on.

as for the outfit-- seems i have a black N white bug! i've been wearing this hat every day and i'm not even close to being sick of it. too bad i forgot it at my parents house and will be without it for a week :( i'm on break with endless amounts of hours so i think i will sew all day! have a happy monday!

dress: for sale in my store
shoes: vintage
hat: vintage
bag: c/o modcloth